Copyright Fraud

Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property, and taking action against infringement, has actually become extremely difficult in the modern international business world.

If you do have a concern that involves proprietary information or about copyright fraud, then in some cases a private investigation agency could be an ideal choice for assistance.

Perhaps this is even more the case in less developed countries where enforcement of copyright seems less of a priority for the police than in more developed nations.

Indeed in some countries the police might be part of the problem. Perhaps that may be a little extreme (perhaps not) but at the very least the police all the way up through the chain of command, may just be ignoring the issue of copyright infringement. In many cases this might not be through the lack of genuine concern so much as lack of resources. The more limited the resources, the more challenging the prioritisation decisions.

One needs only to walk around the streets in South East Asia to see the huge amounts of counterfeit DVDs, bags, clothes, telephones and so on all openly on display.

A private investigation agency can help locate the principal source of illegal activities, and those involved along the supply chain.

How a Private Investigation Agency Can Help

  • Discover the production source of the copyright items;
  • Find the seller/s of the copyright items;
  • Go undercover in order to find out and expose the various elements of the supply chain;
  • Retrieve valuable specimens of the stolen goods;
  • Do background checks of the perpetrators.

What Copyright Investigation Involves

  • Research of violations: Agents can help you in identifying intellectual asset theft as well as copyright fraud;
  • Identification of the perpetrators: One of the main steps with copyright investigations is to discover, locate, and also obtain essential background information and profiles of the perpetrators;
  • Surveillance at retail and manufacturing locations: Surveillance may also be used in order to get evidence of infringement and theft at source and along a supply chain.

Companies and individuals face challenging, and constantly evolving landscapes in intellectual property rights in any given country. Local private investigators are often best placed to assist in the constant battle against infringement of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

In this expanding global marketplace companies are working in new territories and facing not just different administrative hurdles, uneven enforcement, and procedural barriers but also commercial obstacles from extremely sophisticated counterfeiters.

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