Block category: Layout Elements

The Layout Elements category includes the following blocks: Group, Button, Columns, Media & Text, separator, spacer, read more, and page break.

This group block has a light green background color.

The read more block should be right below this text, but only on list pages of themes that show the full content. It won’t show on the single page or on themes showing excerpts.

The columns:

Column two.

Column three.

Column four.


Media &Text

For displaying media and text next to each other. By default, the media is to the left.

Golden Gate Bridge

This time our block is full width, and the image is to the right.

The background color is a pale blue. 

Test to make sure that the editor and the front match. To test the Stack on mobile setting, reduce the browser window width.

The control these settings, the block uses the css classes “has-media-on-the-right” and “is-stacked-on-mobile”.

The separator has three styles: default, wide line, and dots.

The spacer block has a default height of 100 pixels:

And finally, the page break:

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